26 Mar 2011

AWOW I posted a fucking long time ago, ahaha. OK well. I've gotten a full time job, so arting has been more difficult for me. Also other things that all amount in a less enthusiastic approach to art. HOWEVER. I am beginning to gain momentum again. I am currently making a book. About bears. That's all you get to know.

Also, wage day is soon, so I will be hooking up with some more spray paint and making some more bad boy stencils. Gonna be sick.

Aaaaaand also got ideas for my tattoo upgrade. The problem I had was not tattoos in general, I have so many fucking ideas for sweet-ass tats, but they were all on places that were visible, which wouldn't be intelligent with the job I have. They already bitch about my fucking plugs and scaffold. And don't allow my usual hair colours. Ugh. Either way, I have a design that will enhance my current hip tat. I say enhance because I want to avoid a cover up. They don't always work out and cover ups are kinda lame in that you made a damn choice, stick with it.

Apologies for turning this uni blog into a not-uni blog but w/e, haha. Oh yeah that reminds me, I have some more 3D work, and a bit of 2D animation. Not to mention the game I worked on the graphics for has given us the rights to post our work for ourselves now. Although with us making it into an iPhone game (hopefully sometime soon), I don't know if that will be all awhfewifpiqurg or such. We'll have to see.



5 Sep 2010

[5 Sept, 2010]

So I haven't been active much on art sites or anything but I have been busy doin' stuff. As I'm not going to uni next year, I'll be missing out on all that fun learning that I actually enjoy. Despite this, I've decided to attempt to get my skills up the old fashioned way: self-teaching. So far I'm doing quite well, considering that I had begun to form an alligience more with 2D art than 3D for a while. Having not touched Maya is several, painstakingly long months, I opened it up with renewed vigour a couple of days ago, and now I canne stop!

Here are some image to show the things what I have been doing:

WIP picture of my idol, Hugh Laurie. \o/

Couple WIP pics of some environment design I started.


That is all for now! I'll upload again if I get anything worth while done.


14 Aug 2010



I am back. Sort of. I became a bit lax with this blog, and as such a lot of time has lapsed since my last post. Dag nabbit.

So since I last uploaded I have busy with a fair few things. I've been employed to make the graphics for a game that a company are gonna use internally amongst staff and such. I'm the only artist, and the other two guys are programmers. Wooooo. I'm also doing the graphics for a comic by two friends of mine. They're paying me as if I'm employed, which is pretty cool. I provide all the art they request and they deal with the content, etc. Hopefully it will get up off the ground relitively soon. I'm not allowed to post art of either for the moment. :I

And of course, I am working on a personal animation. It's going slowly because of all the other things going on, but it's getting there. Woo woo.

It is also a very, very big option that I will not be going back to uni next year. As much as I would like to, there's an inclination that it probably won't be happening. Oh well. I'll probably, maybe, possibly update when I know for certain. I'll also update when I have something to show from my animation. We'll see.

Hope everyone is OK~

19 May 2010

Life Drawing part zwei

Latest life drawing thinger. The quality of scanning is bad because my mum's poor ancient machine couldn't take much more. Also that is reason why there are only a certain amount of drawings! WOOOOYEH. Anyway, here have some drawings for your viewing pleasure:

You might have to click the images, they seem to be going of the webpage.

Clearly this work is all A+ standard.  I jest. But I do feel like I've improved! I can draw tiny now. I don't usually. Usually I'm a giant paper fiend.

Anyway. That is all.

17 Feb 2010


It is 03:30 and I have finally completed the 3D walking ball tutorial. For some reason I kept skipping steps or misreading them and had to start over numerous times before getting the hang of this. The end result isn't half bad. Once I had learned to read, the tutorial [By Erik Westlund] was very helpful.


Also here are some drawings from le loife class:

Oh mai the quality is not good at all. My scanner is a bit of a disgrace and I have not been able to get better scans. I will try at some point to hijack a friend's or something.

National Gallery drawings:


Here's a vidya of 'Barry' walking vaguely pimpish:

And a go at Andy sneaking. It went pretty wrong so I did a different walk cycle for submission.

The ref for my final walk actually disabled the ability to embed, so here's a link instead (hey that rhymes~): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqhlQfXUk7w

And here's my final walk:

Please excuse the rubbish bg, haha.

9 Feb 2010

Research and Walks

Finally finished the profile and perspective walk for my submission. I am not happy with either submission but now I have submitted so all is good, haha. For the research I used, much like a lot of other people, Richard Williams's Animator's Survival Kit and another picture I found to help out with the 3/4 view on the perspective walk. OH MAI.

Here are the sources:

Also, I check out this video to help with defining character. It has Kate Moss in it:

Yay for research. I also did my own drawings but have been unable to scan them in thus far, so I'll get to that when I get a chance.

Profile walk:

Perspective walk:

The camera went all funny and the second bit of the walk is clearly subpar, haha. I quite like the first bit, though. Also ran out of time and so didn't add a background. Ah well.

4 Feb 2010

Day One

Arrrr, this would be a blog for my uni animation projects and research... arr!

This is one of my first times using ToonBoom and I am still currently getting to grips with it. There are several errors in this cycle that drive me mad when I watch it, but for now it will do, as I have other things to be getting on with. (Maybe I will go back to it once the errors become too much to bare. Who knows.)