14 Aug 2010



I am back. Sort of. I became a bit lax with this blog, and as such a lot of time has lapsed since my last post. Dag nabbit.

So since I last uploaded I have busy with a fair few things. I've been employed to make the graphics for a game that a company are gonna use internally amongst staff and such. I'm the only artist, and the other two guys are programmers. Wooooo. I'm also doing the graphics for a comic by two friends of mine. They're paying me as if I'm employed, which is pretty cool. I provide all the art they request and they deal with the content, etc. Hopefully it will get up off the ground relitively soon. I'm not allowed to post art of either for the moment. :I

And of course, I am working on a personal animation. It's going slowly because of all the other things going on, but it's getting there. Woo woo.

It is also a very, very big option that I will not be going back to uni next year. As much as I would like to, there's an inclination that it probably won't be happening. Oh well. I'll probably, maybe, possibly update when I know for certain. I'll also update when I have something to show from my animation. We'll see.

Hope everyone is OK~

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