26 Mar 2011

AWOW I posted a fucking long time ago, ahaha. OK well. I've gotten a full time job, so arting has been more difficult for me. Also other things that all amount in a less enthusiastic approach to art. HOWEVER. I am beginning to gain momentum again. I am currently making a book. About bears. That's all you get to know.

Also, wage day is soon, so I will be hooking up with some more spray paint and making some more bad boy stencils. Gonna be sick.

Aaaaaand also got ideas for my tattoo upgrade. The problem I had was not tattoos in general, I have so many fucking ideas for sweet-ass tats, but they were all on places that were visible, which wouldn't be intelligent with the job I have. They already bitch about my fucking plugs and scaffold. And don't allow my usual hair colours. Ugh. Either way, I have a design that will enhance my current hip tat. I say enhance because I want to avoid a cover up. They don't always work out and cover ups are kinda lame in that you made a damn choice, stick with it.

Apologies for turning this uni blog into a not-uni blog but w/e, haha. Oh yeah that reminds me, I have some more 3D work, and a bit of 2D animation. Not to mention the game I worked on the graphics for has given us the rights to post our work for ourselves now. Although with us making it into an iPhone game (hopefully sometime soon), I don't know if that will be all awhfewifpiqurg or such. We'll have to see.