5 Sep 2010

[5 Sept, 2010]

So I haven't been active much on art sites or anything but I have been busy doin' stuff. As I'm not going to uni next year, I'll be missing out on all that fun learning that I actually enjoy. Despite this, I've decided to attempt to get my skills up the old fashioned way: self-teaching. So far I'm doing quite well, considering that I had begun to form an alligience more with 2D art than 3D for a while. Having not touched Maya is several, painstakingly long months, I opened it up with renewed vigour a couple of days ago, and now I canne stop!

Here are some image to show the things what I have been doing:

WIP picture of my idol, Hugh Laurie. \o/

Couple WIP pics of some environment design I started.


That is all for now! I'll upload again if I get anything worth while done.



  1. Sweet Dragon! Share the model once you're done :) also is that room you've modeled your room?

  2. liking it :) some very cool stuff, loving the dragon! n cant wait to see the finished hughy :)