9 Feb 2010

Research and Walks

Finally finished the profile and perspective walk for my submission. I am not happy with either submission but now I have submitted so all is good, haha. For the research I used, much like a lot of other people, Richard Williams's Animator's Survival Kit and another picture I found to help out with the 3/4 view on the perspective walk. OH MAI.

Here are the sources:

Also, I check out this video to help with defining character. It has Kate Moss in it:

Yay for research. I also did my own drawings but have been unable to scan them in thus far, so I'll get to that when I get a chance.

Profile walk:

Perspective walk:

The camera went all funny and the second bit of the walk is clearly subpar, haha. I quite like the first bit, though. Also ran out of time and so didn't add a background. Ah well.

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